Meet Your Investigator

If you sign up with Wiregrass Investigations, you hire me (for better or worse)! I am

Wiregrass Investigations. You will not be dealing with any assistants, secretaries

or bookkeepers. You will have my cell phone number and 24/7 access to me. I do all

investigations, answer all phone calls, do my own invoices. For that reason, I restrict

myself to a small number of cases and refuse to hire anyone to dilute the quality of

work you will receive. I routinely turn down work in order to give my clients the attention

and quality only I can give them. I am the only board certified criminal defense investigator of The Criminal Defense Investigative Training Council in the State of Alabama and you cannot find any investigator anywhere who can offer you more passion, integrity, and intellect that only I can.  


I entered the US Army in 1977 as a Private First Class and retired as a Major in 1997. The Army and I proved to be a perfect match and I loved every day of those 20 years serving my country. Growing up in dead-end small town in rural south Alabama I loved the travel, the people, and the education given to me through my service. During my first ten years in the army, I found myself dealing with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) on almost a daily basis by enforcement, administering non-judicial punishment, recommending soldiers for court-martial, or working with the CID. While other officers did all they could to avoid court-martial duty, I relished the opportunity to serve on them. I even had soldiers request that I represent them in summary court-martials that I had recommended for them (to include my own driver). I quickly learned the power of the law in helping my soldiers who I thought had been overcharged and, in particularly, in dealing with their off-post landlords. 


After my "troop time" I was assigned as an Assistant Professor of Military Science in the ROTC program at Auburn University at Montgomery. While there I developed an entire class on the UCMJ covering a complete quarter of study; probably the only one in the nation. I even shepherded the course through the appropriate faculty committee and the university administration. After approval, I taught the course to our 4th year cadets.


After teaching ROTC for three years I was fortunate enough to be introduced to my second passion when I was offered the opportunity to become a Foreign Area Officer (FAO). FAOs in the Army are trained in the collection of Human Intelligence and fill positions as Military Attaches and Intelligence Analysts. I spent the next four years in training which included FAO training at the Special Operations School at Ft. Bragg, NC; the Defense Language Institute at Monterey, CA; and a Master of Arts Degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I also spent two years in Indonesia attending several Indonesian Military Schools while working out of the embassy in Jakarta. I put my training to use gathering information and packaging it in comprehensive yet detailed reports to the appropriate agencies. I also had the opportunity to work from 1991-1993 with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cambodia where I took it upon myself to collect intelligence and write reports for the US Consulate in Cambodia. One of my reports resulted in the release of my interpreter's brother who had been jailed for years as a political prisoner. I vowed to spend the rest of my life using my education, experience, and passion in the pursuit of justice.


Upon retirement, I spent 10 unrewarding years in education while longing to recapture that passion for work that I had in the Army. I started Wiregrass Investigations, LLC in 2008, performing all of the work normally associated with private investigations such as infidelity, child custody, process serving, etc. While enjoying this work it still didn't capture my passion. But in 2009 Aaron Gartlan and David Hogg, two attorneys in Dothan, AL whom I had done civil work for, took a huge gamble and asked me to assist them by providing criminal investigative services in a Capital Murder case. In working this case I finally found my two life-long passions of justice and gathering intelligence coming together in a very powerful, synergistic way.


After seven years and many criminal cases; nine capital murder cases, criminal investigations are all I do now. I love the interaction with the defense team in our David vs. Goliath struggle against the District Attorney (DA) and all the resources that the State can throw against us. The DA can get Medical Examiners, Forensic Psychologists, Ballistic Experts, and anybody he wants with a phone call. He already has all the investigators from the Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Alabama Bureau of Investigations, and his own dedicated investigators to do the work that I'm hired to do.


"First eliminate the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth."

-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle